Ceraflo® Ceramic Membrane Modules   




Ceraflo Pte Ltd, Singapore, manufactures low cost high quality ceramic membranes for water and wastewater filtration. It develops, designs and manufactures it's own ceramic membranes to market individually or together with other components as a system.

The ceramic membrane filtration system is applicable for the treatment of water and wastewater in consumer, industrial and municipal markets.

Ceraflo® is the first Asian company outside Japan to manufacture ceramic membranes multi-channel plates and in large commercial quantities to deliver affordable water and wastewater treatment solutions.




Ceraflo® is a proprietary multi-channel ceramic membrane plate designed to remove suspended particulates, colloidal material, bacteria and high molecular weight material ranging from 1.0 micron (micro-filtration) to 0.01 (ultra-filtration).


Submerged Module



* The module specifications can be customized
** These values have been obtained from verification tests subjected ot the condition of the influent



Superb physical properties

  • Robust against all kinds of industrial wastewater containing solvent, oil & other chemicals.

  • High dirt tolerance.

  • Suitable for separation of hard solids from water.

  • Pre-treatment system for preventing damage to membrane generally not needed.


Energy saving

  • Flat sheet structure with optional air back-flush facilitate more effective cleaning.

  • Ceramic Membrane Bioreactor requires low volume of scrubbing air thereby reducing energy consumption.

  • High hydrophilicity means low energy consumption.

Small footprint

  • Higher-flux results in less than half the footprint compared to that of flat sheet type of polymer.

High reliability and long lifespan

  • High mechanical strength, resilient to strong chemicals and high temperature.

Easy maintenence

  • Simple backwash and on-line cleaning removes the need for daily maintenence.

  • Membrane surface can easily be cleaned by air scouring or water jet.

  • Both pressurized and open tank systems available

  • Simple system design.



  • Water treatment

  • Industrial wastewater treatment

  • Sewage treatment

  • Pretreatment for desalination and RO

  • Suspended solids removal/bacteria removal

  • Water recycling

  • Clarifying

  • Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)

  • Swimming pools and water features