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    Pre-engineered Q Rack   




Aquabrane offers fully pre-engineered off the shelf Ultrafiltration systems, designed and manufactured for an automated operation. Aquabrane Ultrafiltration system is easy-to-use, plug-and-play system capable of treating water from wide range of sources for various applications. A fully automatic control panel is used to control the different operating modes of the ultrafiltration process: filtration, backwashing and cleaning.

With the professional knowledge and solid engineering experience, Aquabrane can provide the standard and custom Ultrafiltration systems with flow range from 1 m3/hr to 100 m3/hr.

Aquabrane Ultrafiltration systems are based on Outside - In flow configuration, which allow for less plugging, uniform flow distribution, higher solids loading, higher flow area and easy cleaning. The system can be operated in dead-end as well as cross-flow mode.

Our standard systems are designed for reliable, long term trouble free operation, with simple control.



  • Easy to install, operate and maintain

  • Low capital and operating costs

  • Low power consumption and chemical usage

  • Efficient, reliable operation with minimum downtime

  • Low fouling membrane modules with outside - in configuration

  • Very fine nominal pore diameter (0.03 ?m)

  • Effectively removes suspended solids, colloids, bacteria & viruses from various feed source

  • Can be easily back washed and air scoured to improve the performance and extend the operating life by removing the fouling layer

  • Consistent, high quality product water

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