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    Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membrane Modules   

Product Datasheet
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Product Datasheet


Module Dimentions

Module Dimensions

Salient Features

Salient Features

  • Pore diameter of 0.03 μm effectively removes suspended solids,colloids, bacteria & viruses and provides consistent treated water quality from various feed water sources.

  • Modified PES Chemistry with permanent Hydrophilicity.

  • Multiple ports options offers simple, automated operation with flexibility in service and maintenance.

  • Dead end / cross flow operation depending upon feed water quality.

  • Lower operating cost due to low Transmembrane pressure (4 - 8 psi)

  • Low Transmembrane pressure ensures lesser particle penetration into the surface pores, enabling easier removal during backwash.

  • High Resistance to Fouling & Oxidants.

  • No aggressive Chemical Enhanced Backwash.

  • Environmental friendly due to low CIP requirements and hence low generation of chemical waste.

  • Maintenance friendly with simple & easy to follow fiber repairing procedures.

  • Additional port on feed side helps to optimally design the operational sequence & duration while handling feed with high TSS.

  • No complicated operating & cleaning procedures.

  • Easy to follow storage guidelines and best in class warranties & site support.

  • High temperature and Oil & Grease resistant membranes available on request.



Advantages of Outside-In Flow as compared to Inside-Out flow configuration



  • Solids remain outside of lumen.

  • Cleaning is easier & less frequent

  • Allows uniform flow distribution and higher solids loading.

  • More tolerant towards particulate fouling.

  • Foulant removal is more effective during back wash with air scouring & CIPs.

  • Prevents irreversible chocking of Membrane Fibers during surges in feed water quality.



  • Fine prescreening is required to prevent the solids from entering the lumen.

  • Cleaning is aggressive & more frequent.

  • Higher solids loading may cause fiber blockage.

  • Less tolerant towards particulate fouling.

  • Aggressive CEBs & CIPs may be needed for effective removal of foulants.

  • Inside-Out membrane may inevitably foul.



  • Drinking water

  • Surface & well water purification

  • Pretreatment to RO/NF & SWRO plants

  • Tertiary treatment in sewage treatment plants

  • Industrial process water treatment

  • Industrial & municipal waste water recycling



  • Manufacturing the Ultrafiltration Membrane Modules at such a high quality level without a properly through-out quality assurance process is unimaginable.

  • There are series of quality checks of fibers prior to module assembly.

  • Each module is wet tested for its flow & permeate quality prior to dispatch.

  • Each module has the unique serial number to ensure complete traceability upto the raw material stage.

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